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Everett Police using precautions To remain free of Coronavirus

First responders change with crisis

By Josh Resnek

The Everett Police Department has changed some of its protocols and is asking the public to respond to new directives so everyone can be kept safe from the virus.

All calls to homes or businesses by the police now requires the caller to come out of their homes and or businesses in order to meet the police outside, according to police officials.

“We are here for everyone but we must make sure we remain vigilant about contracting the virus,” said an Everett police officer who wished to remain unnamed.

On visits to the police station, residents are now required to stand with spaces of six feet between them before approaching officers working the front desk.

Hand sanitizer is available in the lobby for all visitors.

According to a school department official, the entire police station was scrubbed with disinfectant and cleaning materials in recent days following a report, though unconfirmed, that an Everett police officer has apparently come down with the coronavirus.

First responders contracting the virus is a great fear among police officials and firefighters.

A single instance of the virus could cause a large number of first responders to be quarantined, limiting responses when the action is expected to get heavy this week.

In other police matters, Everett Police are warning residents to be aware that scammers are trying to take advantage of the virus situation. According to the State Police and Everett Police it is a hazmat scam. “We want everyone to be aware that there are people going house to house in a white van in Hazmat suits telling people they were sent to check every house for Corona Virus. They are taking fake vitals and stealing from people while in your home,” the Mass State police and Everett Police reported.

The Everett Health Department has also issued an advisory on the scam.

Police here are now made very busy with implementing the citywide shutdown, which has been augmented by the governor’s emergency declaration Monday.

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