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The Blue Suit exclusive Interview

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By Josh Resnek

The mayor’s Blue Suit spoke with me again privately recently. “How was your vacation in Aruba?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“To tell you the truth, I was very happy the mayor went to Aruba. Do you know why?”

“No,” I answered.

“The mayor never takes me to Aruba!”

“You’ve got to love that,” I answered.

The Blue Suit laughed heartily. “You have no idea what its like to get a week off from him. Last year, I got about three weeks off, just for his trips to Aruba. There were other trips, too, last year. He went to Italy. That was another week or two or three weeks off for me. Frankly, I can’t remember all the trips he took last year calling them vacations. His vacations give me time to restore myself. When he’s wearing me, well, it gets pretty tough,” The Blue Suit said.

“What did he talk about when he returnd from Aruba?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“He talked about you,” he replied.

“What did he have to say?” I asked.

“It’s the same as before, only this time it was worse,” he added.

“How so,” I asked.

“I told you before, he hates you. He especially hated you writing about him leaving the city.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know the Paper Boy, Jerry Navarro?” the Blue Suit asked me. “The Paper Boy couldn’t believe you had the gall to catch the mayor in his disappearing act to Aruba when he should have stayed here to put the city into its emergency mode and then you wrote about it,” the Blue Suit told me.

That front page story you wrote last week about the mayor sunning himself on the beach in Aruba while the city was burning down…well nothing gets the mayor more upset than the truth,” said the Blue Suit.

“People told him so. He could weigh the quiet contempt that is out there and rising about him. “He could feel what people were thinking inside when they saw how tan he is.”

“That story hurt him. He hates reading the truth about himself,” he added.

“Why do you think that is?” I asked.

“Because an awful lot of people – mostly those who he’s hired or who work for the city, who really don’t like him, never say anything to him that resembles the truth. They read the Leader Herald behind his back. They know he reads it. He knows they read it. Walking inside city hall on Wednesdays is always made a bit more difficult for him because he feels everyone is looking at him after they’ve read what you had to say about him,” the Blue Suit said.

“Does anyone talk with him straight?” I asked.

“I mean, is anyone able to speak with him honestly?”

“Are you serious,” the Blue Suit replied.

“Everyone around him is trained to agree with him and to do as they’re told.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“He fires people who don’t execute his orders or those who don’t pay homage to him. He’s a real needy guy, you know,” the Blue Suit said. “How so?”

“He needs a lot of attention. Half the time he has the attention span of an ant. He can’t concentrate on anything except television or gambling. He is completely bored with city hall. Having to listen to anyone is worse than having to read a book…and you know he’s never read a novel,” said the Blue Suit.

“Are you sure about that?” I asked.

“Oh yes. He cares nothing about literature. His mindset is rooted in television and his cell phone.”

“Tell me, please. What did he say about me, about the article I wrote about him running away to Aruba?”

“I can’t repeat what he said about you but it was pretty insulting and vulgar. He hates you with a passion. That article got him spooked,” said the Blue Suit.

“What did he say?” I asked again.

“It is unprintable. Believe me. He hates you. The Paper Boy hates you. They keep hoping you will disappear…but they know deep down that every Wednesday is a bad afternoon when the Leader Herald gets passed around.”

“It looks like the new school superintendent has joined his propaganda team,” I said.

“Yeah, she’s been doing Facebook postings praising the mayor’s work. He says he owns her, that she is easy to deal with, that she doesn’t really get Everett.”

“Did he really say that?” I asked.

“Oh yes. He also said that Mike McLaughlin is going to beat McGonagle, that he hates Mike Marchese and all the Marchese’s, and that he can’t stand and doesn’t trust Gerly Adrien.”

“You’re kidding,” I said.

“I’m as serious as a heart attack,” the Blue Suit answered.

“What’s he concerned about with this coronavirus?” I asked.

“He’s worried he might catch it. So don’t expect him to be seen very much in public.”

“That makes sense. Don’t you think?”

“Yes. I don’t want to catch the virus from him!”

“I heard him talking about Fred Capone. He hates Fred Capone. He loves to hate. He’s so jealous of Fred and his wife and their family and friends. He couldn’t believe Fred didn’t take him to task publicly for going to Aruba to be at the beach instead of remaining here.”

“He said Fred made a big mistake remaining quiet about such a gaffe,” the Blue Suit added.

“He will never beat me missing out on opportunities like that,” The Blue Suit recalled the mayor said.

He and the Paper Boy slapped their knees and bent over coughing in laughter when the mayor spoke about city hall closing.

‘What a nice thing. No council meetings!” the mayor said.

“You know what the difference is between city hall being closed or open?” the mayor asked the Paper Boy, the Blue Suit told me.

“None. When I am in the city I don’t go to city hall when its open. I can’t go there when its closed. Its beautiful, really. Open or closed I am not there,” the mayor said.

When they finished coughing and heaving and laughing, the mayor said this, according to the Blue Suit.

“I’ve got nearly everyone following my orders or else. They know this. It keeps city employees in line. The only one I can’t control is in that office on Church Street.”

“Did he really say that?” I asked.

“Actually it was much worse what he said,” the Blue Suit added.

“ All swear words and obscenities.”

“Should I reach out to him and let him know I want to be his friend?” “You are kidding me,” the Blue Suit asked. I wouldn’t suggest that,” said the Blue Suit.

“Even if he allowed such a meeting to take place, it would be useless,” the Blue Suit implored.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Its real simple. You can’t trust the guy.”

“No one can trust him. In the end, he throws everyone under the bus.”

“The man has no loyalty. Its just terrible having to be his favorite suit.”

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