Wynn Resorts and Encore

The largest contributor to the city treasury, Encore Boston Harbor, has done the right thing closing down, and second, by paying the 5,000 employees who work there during this crisis for 30 days.

Bravo to Encore and the leadership at Wynn Resorts, especially to CEO Matt Maddox.

This is very big medicine where we come from.

Wynn Resorts has been put at major risk by closing down its facilities in Macau and in Las Vegas and now in Everett.

The major risk is going out of business if these major centers for entertainment, gambling and tourism do not reopen and if when reopened, no one comes.

These are extremely difficult times for Wynn Resorts.

Their juggernaut of facilities is closed.

There is no money coming in, rather, there is only money going out.

The 30 days they have given with pay to all their employees is a God send considering how many other corporations have simply laid off thousands.

It is a God send because everyone needs their salary to live – everyone.

This crisis is sparing no one.

The entire chain of business has been broken by a lack of customers and then closed.

Wynn Resorts, like all of us, including the city of Everett, needs a quick turnaround to avoid a major financial disaster.

In the meantime, Wynn Resorts executives should stand proudly for paying 5,000 employees while they are out of work.

What a truly great thing this is.

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