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Spring sports seasons in jeopardy

By Lorenzo Recupero

Covid-19’s effect on high school sports all over the country could be compared to a media blackout in national sports terms: No games will be aired (or played in this case) for at least another several weeks.

On Monday, The MIAA Board of Directors held a conference call to determine how to move forward with school years being shortened.

Currently, any games scheduled to be played will have to wait until after May 4 at the earliest, a change from a typical April 1 start date for most spring sports. If/when HS sports returns, it would also include a shortened postseason tournament.

The board concluded the spring season will begin no earlier than May 4 and close by June 27, with June 28 being a make-up date in case of weather or facility needs. The motion was approved unanimously.

Spring season practices can start as early as May 4 and games can take place by May 11, to allow one full week of practices for participating teams. The parameters of the postseason tournament are still being determined but will not go past the June 28 cutoff date. Qualifying teams will have to play a minimum of 8 games and no more than 12 games in total.

During the conference, the MIAA also voted unanimously on other matters, including the amending of the Academic Eligibility Rule (58.1), which will now grant each principal the power to determine “their own local academic eligibility standard for the 2020 Spring Season”.

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