City extends 311 operating hours, amends parking policy


By Lorenzo Recupero

Due to new measures in place as an effect of the global pandemic, the City of Everett has chosen to extend its 311 call center hours to further assist residents while also amending the posted street sweeping policy.

Although the physical location on Broadway is set to remain closed indefinitely, City Hall is still accesible for residents via its 311 call center that will put callers in touch with a live employee during normal operating hours (Monday, Thursday 8AM-7:30PM and Tuesday, Wednesday 8AM-5PM), with an extension for Friday-Sunday when the service will be available from 8AM-8PM.

The 311 call center can be reached at (617) 394-2270 or accessed by dialing the numbers 3-1-1 from your home phone or cell phone if you’re within city limits.

In addition, posted signage indicating street sweeping policies scheduled to go into effect as of Wednesday, April 1 have been amended to allow those quarantined to remain to do so without being towed.

The temporary revision of the posted street sweeping policy will afford residents a break from the normal procedure through the month of May.

During that frame, vehicles illegally parked on street sweeping days will be issued warnings instead of a fine and tow. Thereafter, the city will need to proceed with normal street sweeping procedures to ensure the safety of the residents and avoid the accumulation of trash flow into the sewer system, according to city officials.

The temporary change in street sweeping policy does not extend into June, when normal procedures will again be in full effect and illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed and towed, according to city officials.

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