Everything has changed

By Josh Resnek

The president’s announcement Sunday afternoon has put a new face on the spreading epidemic. The nation could lose as many as 200,000 people from the coronavirus, the president and his doctors announced.

Those of us who have ben glued to the news about the spread of the virus have been watching as the numbers rise exponentially.

The worst is coming. It is a bit like a tidal wave growing.

Announcing that the nation will be shut down at least until June is a stunning development. This will be a very painful and costly event in our lives.

It guarantees there will be no spring and summer in the traditional sense of it. That unemployment will hit millions, and many businesses now shut will never reopen.

Bottom line, everything has changed overnight.

We are in a full fledged disaster.

It won’t last forever but it will last long enough and impact all of us when things begin to reopen and come back to normal.

The new normal will be a radically weakened economy that will take quite some time to come back. It can’t come back until the disaster is far behind us and memories of it have faded just a bit.

These are tough times coming for Everett’s residents and its business community.

Everyone needs to stay inside or to stay away from people as much as possible and to wipe clean surfaces inside our home – our door knobs, our countertops, our bathrooms and sinks and the kitchen.

Right now, the bottom has fallen out of the good economic times and the high prices paid for real estate, luxury items, vacations and travel, for everything that is expensive.

For millions of Americans and for tens of thousands of Everett residents, income has stopped. Money is gone. School are closed and the pressure of what comes next is building.

The next few weeks will be agonizing.

We will get through this and we will recover.

If everyone who gets sick can’t be taken care of and hospitals are crushed by the experience, with thousands laying dead in refrigerated trucks, the shit will hit the fan in our nation.

Be careful.

Love one and other.

Where there is life, there is hope.

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