First responders are vigilant

Everett’s first responders, its police officers and firefighters and its Cataldo Ambulance service EMT’s are the first line of defense for residents and businesspeople terrorized about the coronavirus epidemic.

Very few of us can imagine the pressure felt by first responders who are more likely catch the virus than any of us.

Each time they answer the call, the chance for infection from the virus stalks them like a Grim Reaper.

They don’t have themselves only to think about. They have their wives and their children, their parents and brothers and sisters.

The virus is sinister in its ability to take someone very healthy and strong and in a matter of a few days, reduce them to a state of horrific illness, on to ventilators when they can’t breath, and finally to the funeral home shortly after that.

Many point out that the death rate isn’t so high.

The experts say you have a two in ten chance of dying which means you have a 80% chance of recovering.

These are good odds, unless you are a first responder.

The president has said 100,000 deaths from the virus would be a good figure.

It is not a good figure if you are one of those who die.

The president did not mean 100,000 deaths is good.

He meant it is far better than 1 million deaths or any number less than that.

First responders are already becoming ill.

Their ranks have already been reduced by the virus. No matter is paid to that by the first responders.

They answer the call no matter what.

Amazing really, when you think about it.

Who answers calls and cries for help from complete strangers that might cause the sickness or even the death of the responder?

What kind of person does this…every time as part of an oath? Whether responders like the assignation or not, hero is the proper word to use.

Only heroes do such things over and over.

During this epidemic, all of us need to give praise to and salute our first responders in this city – and everywhere.

The call comes in. They respond.

No matter how dangerous the response for themselves, they respond. They save lives. They give comfort. They keep the law which at a time like this needs to be maintained carefully or chaos will ultimately rule if things are allowed to unravel and to get out of hand.

Our economic world has come to a shocking end in a matter of two weeks.

The economy will come back in time. But not everyone will be here to enjoy the recovery.

This will inevitably include some of our brave first responders.

We get it here at the Leader Herald. We understand their iron clad commitment to answer the call.

We pray for our first responders.

May God bless them all during this critical moment when they are placing their lives on the line every day for us.

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