Thank you Cambridge Health Alliance Hospital

With the epidemic now ratcheting up into a swirl of health care challenges, no place in the city faces a larger challenge than the former Whidden Hospital.

By all accounts, the hospital is well stocked and staffed but stretched to the core by the demands set upon it by the coronavirus.

The doctors and nurses, the staff, the janitors, everyone having to do with the emergency ward and the hospital above it, need to be praised for their efforts collectively and individually.

Not every city the size of Everett has a hospital facility to rely upon these days.

With the epidemic striking, the Everett hospital remains a bulwark against the very worst things that can happen as a result of so many residents becoming sick and in need of hospitalization from the virus. Hundreds in this city would be without a health center if it were not for the Cambridge Alliance Hospital.

The staff there is carrying on with honor, professionalism and nobility.

This is a peoples’ hospital.

The mighty and the rich don’t go there.

The working poor and the underclass populate the hospital as well as residents from every walk of life in Everett.

We must again count our blessings that such a facility remains operating in our city.
It is yet another line of defense against the power of the epidemic.

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