A Thursday in the era of the coronavirus pandemic

By Josh Resnek 

The city has gradually shut down. Traffic is still flowing on the city’s streets however by and large, the city is closed down with very little economic activity going on.

All of us have noticed how many food outlets are providing take-out. Take-out takes some of the rough edge off of the closure of restaurant eating areas where people can sit and commiserate.

What is needed for every place in the city that sells food is for every employee to be wearing gloves, and if possible, masks.

To do business otherwise is dangerous for the employees and for the customers – you and me.

Each time I go into a place, which is now a rare occasion, I am wearing gloves. I just went to a mask.

Each door handle we touched has been touched by dozens if not hundreds of hands – and many of those hands belong to infected people.

You must be careful. Many people are going to die in the next 30 days.

The bad news we are hearing everyday on television and reading about on the Internet isn’t fake news.

This virus is real. It is a real killer.

Even when you take money from a money machine at a local bank don’t open the door with an ungloved hand. Don’t touch the keypad on the money machine unless you clean it or have gloves on. Even the money could be dirty!

How to deal with this?

God knows.

I understand more than several Everett firefighters have been quarantined because one or two firefighters have apparently been diagnosed with the virus.

Where are they supposed to quarantine themselves? With their families, so everyone can potentially get sick?

Hunker down. Be careful.

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