Coronavirus D Day arriving; Peak could last many days

Numbers will double and triple

By Josh Resnek

Everett residents would do well to remain inside during the next ten days to two weeks as the high point of the virus and its effect upon all of us is reaching the high point on the much talked about curve.

Twenty-nine men and women died across Massachusetts on Monday alone.

The rise in reported cases and deaths here and across the state and the nation are soaring.

The soaring precedes the coming down, which will take another month or two at the very least.

Numbers this week might well double, according to health officials.

Everett as of Tuesday had reported three coronavirus deaths.

Health officials claim the number of infected here is about 135.

In neighboring Revere, more than 200 have been infected and at least seven have died, including five at the Jack Satter House where four out of the five have succumbed to the coronavirus.

Thirteen residents of that elderly housing apartment complex on the ocean have contracted the virus.

In Chelsea, health officials there have reported more than 250 people infected and a reported 7 deaths from the virus.

Two of those deaths occurred at the Chelsea Soldiers Home, where a small number of residents have become infected.

At least two employees of the Market Basket have been diagnosed with the virus.

This led to the giant market imposing strict health and cleanliness guidelines and social distancing imperatives.

In Somerville, Mayor Joe Curtatone has imposed a ban against commercial and residential evictions. Forty-nine residents there have been diagnosed with the virus. Nine have recovered.

The Cambridge Alliance Hospital (Whidden) remains besieged by patients seeking relief from symptoms of the virus and the virus itself.

Its ICU is filled. Hospital staff are stretched to the bone.

The hospital was featured on ABC TV national news on March 29th. Attending physician Dr. Erin Beaumont shared a video diary of her days at the hospital during last week.

She described what she was experiencing as “heartbreaking.”

Statewide in Massachusetts, more than 260 residents have died as of Tuesday from the virus and more than 14,000 have been infected.

Testing for the virus, which has expanded across the nation, reached more than 76,000 Massachusetts residents.

Health officials do not detail coronavirus deaths and sickness numbers by city and town.

It is done by county.

Health officials reported Middlesex County with the greatest number of coronavirus cases, 2,950.


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