Thank you to the Everett Health Department

Steve Supino, the Executive Director of Health and Human Services for the City of Everett, should be congratulated for the leadership he has shown during this coronavirus epidemic.

He has stepped up to the plate big time.

He’s been around a long time.

He knows what he’s doing.

He understands how to organize a response to specified health needs. He is a credit to the Health Department and a complete gentleman who cares.

It is a dangerous moment to be a city health official in Everett The Health Department is the city’s first line of defense in this crucial period when the virus has been causing widespread sickness throughout the nation, and here in Everett.

Calls to this office have become a daily crush all day and into the night.

Everyone in the Health Department, Elaine Silva, Director of Health and Nursing, Sabrina Torra, Public Health Nurse, Joanne Agnes, Community Health Nurse, Caitlin Norden, Clerk and Paul Guarino, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator, should be given the city’s thanks for a difficult job being well done on an a 24/7 basis.

Not since the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918 has the Everett Health Department been in the middle of an epidemic and delivering health services at the same time.

Right now, all of the above city employees are tired and a bit miserable, for the virus has continued to spread and with it, the needs of the residents of this city.

We urge them to remain safe during this epidemic.

Doing the city’s work for our residents is big medicine at a time like this.

However all of the above must take heavy precautions to protect themselves when meeting the public.

They all have families.

None of them wishes to be infected or to spread the virus.

Yet this is a possibility.

At some point when this health catastrophe is made right and everything has gone back to normal, all of the above Health Department officials and employees should be given praise by the city for their dedicated service at a time when the city needed them.

This would be the least the city could give them for giving of themselves.


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