The 2020 sports season

At this moment it is difficult, indeed, it is almost impossible to imagine stepping inside Fenway Park with 35,000 people seated literally on top of each other.

The same can be said of what it would feel like to be at Gillette Stadium, without Tom Brady quarterbacking the team, during the post virus era.

Will large crowds like those we are used to come out anytime soon to fill our stadiums again?

Will this happen this summer?

It is doubtful summer will find the virus epidemic all cleared up and the stadiums filled with cheering fans rollicking in the stands.

Far more likely is a summer without sports and large crowds anywhere.

Even riding up or down in an elevator with one or two people will be an impossibility in the shorter term in the post virus world.

As long as our flat screens are working, we will survive this sports season that is not going to materialize.

Nothing can fill the void of the real thing.

Reruns of great games; biographies of great athletes; documentaries about soccer, ice hockey, baseball and football, soccer and la cross; this will be the bill of fare for the coming summer.

And if you are waiting for the Olympics to happen in Japan this summer, as we say in baseball, wait til next year.

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