A spring without athletics

There is no proper way to lament how the coronavirus has put the kibosh on spring athletics all the way down the line.

From the Red Sox on down to the level of high school athletics, everything has gone kaput during this age of the coronavirus.

The emptiness our young athletes and competitors are feeling during this dismal spring of no organized sports can- not be overemphasized.

We cannot recall in a lifetime when such a thing has put a damper, a complete halt, to spring sports just not here, but across the nation and throughout the world.

It appears quite likely and just as depressing and empty that no spring sports will be followed by no summer sports.

Beaches will very likely remain closed, so even swim- ming in the ocean might be affected.

The only saving grace is that we know sports will be back, sooner or later.

There is not a hint of doubt about this.

It is the wait that stinks.

It is the loss of a season that is so heavy a punishment.

It is the virus again disrupting our lives, not only our health.

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