Lockdown continues as cases rise

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A few cars travel on a near-empty Broadway as a curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. keeps nonessential workers off the street. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

City preparing for long journey

By Josh Resnek

The Coronavirus has not yet reached its high point for infections and deaths.

Everett’s most current official figure of those infected is above 450 with that number rising about 25-50 new cases a day as the new week is upon us. Three deaths have been suffered due to the crisis.

The crisis, according to state officials, will not be ending anytime soon.

The virus will not magically disappear and life return to normal.

The true number of infected residents here is unknown. Not enough testing has been done to get a real time handle on just how greatly the virus has spread in the community.

One epidemiologist used the following metaphor to describe where the nation is at.

“Many climbers die attempting to reach the top of Mt. Everest. Many more climbers die try- ing to make it back down the mountain.”

The top American epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci has strongly suggested that reaching the top of the graph line being charted for the epidemic is not panacea.

Reaching the peak is key.

Continuing the practice of social distancing is paramount.

Coming down from the top takes a long time, he has repeatedly told the nation during the daily briefing being held by the president.

The city has issued an advisory about wear a face masks.

Residents aren’t being forced to wear face masks, rather, the city is strongly urging all residents to wear face masks and gloves when venturing outside or to shop at groceries or local supermarkets.

The city’s continuing message is for residents to stay inside and to avoid other people.

In other words, the city is asking residents to exercise all caution because of the unpredictability of becoming infected or infecting someone eels unwittingly.

Without widespread testing of the population here it is unclear who has the virus and who doesn’t and to what extent social distancing must remain in effect as a result.

In neighboring Chelsea by the time you read this article more than 600 people will have been reported infected and deaths will stand at about 25-30.

Revere is in the same scary situation with more than 500 infected and a mounting death toll that will stand at 20 or more by Thursday.

Thousands of Everett residents are out of work.

Small businesses are suffering during this shutdown.

The city is not presently offering outreach to these groups of people. With the apex of the virus expected on or around April 20, nothing much is going to change in the short term.

The mayor has not yet issued a request that homeowners under pressure to pay their mortgages should be given a reprieve by local bank and mort- gage lending houses for as long as the shutdown and the epidemic causing it last.

In addition, renters are at risk of eviction if they do not pay their rent, and a short poll of those renting in Everett reveals a great number of people who will not be paying their rent.

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