The kids are everything

Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani’s first two months as the new leader of the Everett Public Schools have been an extraordinary time to take over.

Talk about being thrown into the frying pan!

Who could have imagined such a combination of crises to be handled during such a short period when she is just getting underway?

We believe we speak with authority when we write this is a seminal moment in the life and times of the Everett Public Schools and the way children are going to be taught in the future when the virus has been crushed and things get back to normal.

The new normal, however, will not be a reflection of the old normal.

We believe public education is at a transformational moment, one of those rare times when everything that came before is subordinated to the needs the virus crisis has placed upon us.

We believe Superintendent Tahiliani knows this as well.

She has the chance to make revolutionary changes in the face of the virus and its aftermath.

The parents of Everett’s school children and the school children themselves know of the Leader Herald’s longstanding commitment to the kids and to highlighting everything good about the EPS.

They will come to learn that Superintendent Tahiliani is right now attempting to grasp a deep insight about how best to move forward in the face of the schools shutdown and the crisis caused by the virus.

However she determines to move forward, we are here to help her get there.

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