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The numbers are surging

In the City of Everett, the numbers of those reported to have been infected by the Coronavirus epidemic are rising dramatically every day.

Figures reveal a steady incline that has not yet ended rising, which means a line on a graph shows an upward spike which has not yet reached its apex.

This is expected near to the end of April or at the beginning of May.

Both the city’s health department and the State Department of Public Health issue new figures nearly every day which reveal that as of Wednesday of this week, more than 400 Everett residents are infected with at least two to three deaths as a result of the virus, with the numbers of infected going up rather dramatically.

During the second week of March when everything closed down, only a handful of Everett residents were reported as infected.

Last week, the total rose some days by 30 to 40, each day. Those types of numbers are continuing unabated this week. This means that the virus has not yet run its course here – not even close.

Official numbers are deceiving.

Much of the population here remains untested.

So there is no way of knowing the full extent of the spread of the virus.

There is now a city curfew.

We have been locked down in an emergency mode since the middle of March.

All of April will likely remain an emergency, and May, too. What is next?

We cannot know this until the virus more fully identifies its causes and course.

We do know for certain that the spread of the virus is cut dramatically by wearing facemasks, paying close attention to social distancing, wearing plastic gloves and staying away from all other individuals.

We are safe in our homes if we let no one from the outside in.

Bottom line – maintain social distancing.

If the virus can’t spread, the numbers go down.

If we reopen our society as a whole next month, the virus will come back in all its fury to take us down again.

The virus is odious. It is a killer. Like all killers, it must be treated carefully and at a distance until it is stunted and finally wiped out. Beware.

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