The danger of thinking we know more than the experts

Most of us watch with disbelief at the sudden spate of ral- lies against social distancing and economic shutdown in four or five state capitols that has brought out the loonies.

The loonies, in this instance, are those waving American flags, carrying automatic weapons and shouting about being bored from having to be inside and ranting and raving that their economic lives are being drastically affected.

“We don’t want to have to do this any longer,” they shout while many honk their horns in their automobiles and raise their fists into the air in front of state houses.

What they might as well be saying is this: “We don’t care about catching the virus or that we might die from it, or our children and relatives might die from it. We want our freedom back. The government doesn’t have the right to shut down our lives even though the virus might.”

The argument, of course, is ludicrous. Such arguments are for the ignorant and the rather hapless of our dysfunctional American society.

These people wanting an earlier than allowed or rather senseless reopening before the dangers of the virus have passed are like those who don’t believe in vaccines or cures for disease.

Some shout that believing in God makes them immune from catching the virus.

We would respectfully remind them that God’s work on this earth is our own.

We must clean up this virus. This is not God’s work.

If they want to kill themselves with the virus, God will not interfere with their ignorance which is not a replacement for the faith in him that God requires of us.

These protesters wanting to choose infection over safety to return them to the way things were need to wait with the rest of us…or they will likely all become very sick and many will die.

We all need to wait together for the crisis to pass.

To do otherwise is to endanger the well-being of all of us – not just the folks protesting.

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