The death of Brian Dennehy a great loss

News reports announcing the death of the great Hollywood ac- tor Brian Dennehy have been obscured by the hubbub of the coronavirus dominating nearly everything about the news these days.

Most of us can recall Dennehy’s acting style and his ability.

He was a big burly Irish guy, a former Marine, a graduate of Columbia and a stockbroker before he broke onto the screen in the late 1970’s and 1980’s.

His performance in Cocoon in 1985 made him a national acting figure.

However it was his presence on the stage that gained him the respect of his colleagues.

He performed works of Shakespeare and Beckett with passion and precision for many, many years. In 2000 he played Willie Lo- man, the depressing chief character in Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman.”

He gave credit for his award winning performances to the great authors that wrote the plays.

“When you walk with giants, you learn how to take bigger steps,” he said.

In “Cocoon” he played the chief character in a wonderful movie which depicted senior citizens finding the fountain of youth in a pool in Florida and “never growing old, never getting sick and never dying.”

Brian Dennehy was 81.

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