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Serving up some help at Abbondanza

Leader Herald Staff Report

On Monday, Abbondanza Ristorante owners Joe & Katrina Abbondanza along with the amazing team at Abbondanza Ristorante joined the community battle against Covid-19, donating and serving meals to the local front line heroes of the Everett Fire Department, Everett Police Department, and 911 Call Center.

Abbondanza Ristorante owner Katrina Abbondanza (first from left) and Councillor Anthony Dipierro (second from left) help deliver food to Everett first responders.

In a statement released following their efforts, the Abbondanza Ristorante team thanked all those who helped in helping Everett’s first responders fill up.

“With sincere gratitude, the team Abbondanza Ristorante truly thanks everyone for all the dedicated hard work and sacrifice to keep our community safe and healthy! We look forward to feeding the front line again and giving back to our local community very soon! #FeedTheFrontLine. A special thank you to councilman, Anthony DiPierro for all the help and support!”

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