Testing for the virus

The city government would do well to shout and scream for citywide testing for the coronavirus. Without widespread, day to day testing, reopening the city will be as difficult and costly as it has been shutting it down.

It is believed that thousands of Everett residents are very likely infected with the virus or carrying it.

Health officials must know this or they can’t mitigate against it properly and stop its spread altogether.

The mayor must implement a citywide testing apparatus or at least beg the state to institute such a process of testing here to get this virus under control.

A drive-through testing site located centrally in the downtown on Broadway or on Main Street would be the right thing to do.

At this point, it is insufficient to allow only those showing symptoms to be tested.

Reopening the city requires increased testing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Everett could lead the nation in instituting a citywide testing apparatus that could make all of us safer?

Only the mayor can lead the way on such an initiative.

Other than issuing nicely written press releases, we are not sure what exactly the mayor is doing to save the city.

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