Week 6 and life drags on in the age of Coronavirus


Many people I speak with say they are sleeping later and later all for the same reason – “Lunchtime is closer if you get up later.”

The day is also shortened just a bit if you spend more time asleep or tossing and turning in your bed, stretching over and over, rolling over again and again and falling asleep blissfully.

For the first few weeks there was something especially delicious about this. It is something we can all get used to, isn’t it?

Not having to go to work and getting paid is great.

Of course not everyone is being paid, and so many people have lost their jobs.

What is better than that?

Not having to pay your rent, your mortgage, your credit cards, your health insurance, your car payment, your car insurance, and your gas and electric bills because of the crisis is like a dose of powerful medicine that takes the rough edge off the collapse of the economy.

Sleeping in is great, work or no work. But it gets old, like watching television or listening to music, or reading novels or watching the clock as the days grind by.

The situation we are in with this virus still spreading reminds me of zombie movies.

For me, its like the world has turned into a dystopian movie, you know, a world infected by zombies.

One zombie bites a healthy person and they become a zombie. That makes two zombies biting two other healthy people and they become zombies. No there are four zombies and they bite four healthy people and now there are eight zombies.

In a very scary way, this is exactly what is happening with the virus and its ability to spread all over the world and to infect millions.

In some zombie movies, the entire world becomes infected in 28 days.

With social distancing and the shutdown of travel between nations as well as the shutdown of our economies in efforts to combat the virus, we are holding down its desire to infect all of us.

But what do you do if you have young children locked up inside all day?

You tend to go crazy, as they are growing crazier each day they cannot go outside and be free, or go to school and be fed and nurtured in the company of their friends, and their classmates.

Keeping young kids involved in anything meaningful is impossible.

Thank God for cell phones, computers and video games.

Thank God for Zoom.

What I have come to wonder, as certainly many of you out there have come to wonder, is how long or how much CNN can we watch in a day before becoming incapaci- tated by its messaging?

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 12.05.04 PM.png

How many hours?

How much Fox News satisfies the soul before you have to turn the channel?

How many times can we watch the president from the White House telling us everything is great, that everyone is happy with the way he’s handling the crisis?

How many Netflix movies can we watch before we’ve run out of new movies to kill an hour and a half?

If you watch a lot of movies, then you have become an expert at movies and you have come to understand, there are so many bad movies they cannot be counted.

We get t o dream quite a bit these days.

Some of us dream about the way life was two months ago.

Inevitably, we compare this to what life has become today.

The streets and highways are empty.

The stores are closed.

The economy has been crushed.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 12.02.19 PM.png
Everett Stadium.

Will everything return to what it was?



No one knows.

How long are we away from packing Fenway Park or Everett Memorial Stadium or packing into the casino and hotel, or the club, or its restaurants.

A long time.

Even a short time seems like an eternity.

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