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Covid-19 must be eliminated

There is no other recourse for us as a society but to wipe out the coronavirus.

We cannot allow a virus to be running amuck in our cities and towns throughout the state, the region, the nation and the world.


Because a virus like this one keeps killing and continues growing and spreading unless it is snuffed out.

The more it spreads, the greater the amount of resources that must be spent to keep it under control.

The virus by itself has overloaded our health delivery systems and hospitals, our senior living centers and assisted livings, and all of the people working inside them.

It is one thing to claim the flu is worse because last year 60,000 people died of the flu alone.

You can toss that bit of reasoning out the window.

The virus is contributing more than 100,000 deaths in a just a short time. The number across the nation stands at almost 70,000 this week, that’s added to the flu and everything else. It will be at 100,000 or more in just three weeks.

People are dying. People are dying everywhere. Doctors and nurses have died. Many celebrities who failed to note the danger of the virus have already left the earth. Many friends and family members have gotten sick, turned extremely ill and died in a matter of days.

The effect on our health delivery systems puts all of us at risk.

A simple trip to the hospital puts all of us at risk, including those who give us aid and professional care when we arrive there.

The virus puts all of us at risk – children, young adults, teens, all younger people, middle aged and especially those over 60.

That’s the entire population.

We need a vaccine and we need it fast to restore confidence in the public’s well being and in our ability to maintain our- selves as a healthy, working society with an economy that feeds us and pays our bills as well.

Figuring out the testing and what it means is a conundrum.

Testing more people means finding more people with the virus. We should believe this is as serious a thing as there is on this earth.

The death rate isn’t as high as it could be. It is in fact low. But every age group has been affected. The infection rate is high. The pervasiveness of the virus to change our way of life is stunning. Millions have the virus inside of them and the what’s inside comes outside ultimately.

We are shut down and going out of business everywhere.

The virus is the major catastrophe of our time without a doubt.

Did we overreact?

Have we not done enough?

Can we continue to self-distance to wipe this thing out? Doesn’t look like it.

Americans are more concerned about having fun and being free than wiping out the virus.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

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