Everett suffering from the virus

The total dead we know about stands at 16-25. No one knows the exact number of Everett deaths.

In neighboring Chelsea that number is in the 60’s and in Revere, it is over 35-40.

Our own Everett Leader obit page has ben counting a grow- ing number of local men and women passing away from the virus, a sure sign of its deadly nature.

Not enough has been said about this. Not enough can be said about losing a loved one to the virus…or to anything for that matter.

Yet the virus right now is the culprit.

It is ending many lives that would have gone on for many more years if it had not been for the silent spread of the virus and its deadly consequences.

Not being able to afford our dead the proper services and private gatherings honoring their lives and noting their deaths, is a crime against us.

Our local funeral homes and their sensitive directors and staffs are doing everything they can to make this difficult time easier on those of us us who have suffered losses.

Having a loved one stolen from us by the virus is bad enough.

Not being able to do the right thing in their memory is worse.

Here at the Leader Herald we note with sadness and a grimace each obit noting the death of a loved one from the virus. This comes home to us from week to week as the news has become worse and worse.

To those of you who have lost a loved one to the virus, there are no words adequate to assuage your grief except to know this – that their deaths were not in vain.

The world’s scientific and epidemiological community are working feverishly to find a cure for this nasty virus that has shown and continues to show it has a great power over our lives and our well being.

To all of you who lost a loved one or nearly died from this virus but have recovered comes our offer of sincere condolences on your loss, and our happiness for your recovery.

It sounds trite. But we are all together in this thing. It spares no one in the end.
In the end, there is no rest or comfort for the weary.

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