No testing for uninfected residents

How do you know if you have the virus inside your blood stream and readying itself to attack?

You don’t.

The only way to know is through testing – systematic, wide- spread, testing of the population.

Everett residents are not being tested at all locally.

Having to travel to Malden or to Chelsea doesn’t do the trick for Everett residents.

Testing should be available here.

Testing is the only way out of this mess.

We again urge the city government to act on this matter.

We cannot understand how the city government is remaining silent about testing our own people.

Street cleaning is going on with more urgency than testing people for the killer virus.

If that makes sense to you, we’re sorry.

It doesn’t make sense to us.

The city needs to set up testing centers and be testing our residents who seek it out day and night.

The testing reveals where the effort needs to be made so we can conduct our business lives and social lives with any sense of continuity.

Without a great city government effort, the city is doomed to fail its residents.

A good start would be for the city government to shout out the need for testing.

This doesn’t cost anything.

Why haven’t we heard such a cry?

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