Polito popularity soars during Coronavirus response; Lt. governor everywhere

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Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito listens to Gov. Charlie Baker at a recent daily press briefing about Covid-19. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Lt. Governor Karyn Polito’s political life spans more than two decades. She is one of those rare successes who began serving in her hometown of Shrewsbury, then went to the State House as the rep, and then on to the top of state politics as Governor Charlie Baker’s Lt. Governor and partner in government.

During the Coronavirus crisis, she has become the most visible Lt. Governor in state history.

“I have never been more motivated to serve the people of this state than I am today,” she told the Leader Herald.

“It is a time for leaders to do the right thing, just as we are doing in Massachusetts,” she added.

She and the governor have the highest popularity ratings in the state bar none.

The virus and its social and economic impact marks a seminal moment in her political career.

With the lockdown going through at least the end of May and very likely until the end of June, Polito has shown that meeting the needs of this virus and bringing back the local economy is a very complex assignment.

As a moderate Republican operating successfully in the Democratic minefield of state government in Massachusetts, she has transcended many obstacles.

Now comes the virus, and Polito’s first test as the manager of a state government attempting to lay out a path to a economic recovery while dovetailing that with the need to support strict health measures.

One cannot succeed without the other, which has made a hallmark of her effort to combine the two for a seamless and smooth economic recovery.

“I have seen the Lt. Gov. in action. She is the real thing. She knows where Everett is on the map. Her father was in the construction business. She is more than just a lawyer and politician. She is one of us,” said Councilor at Large Mike Marchese.

The governor tends to present the legislation the state needs. Then Polito goes into action to push the bills through.

Baker and Polito work as a team.

“We are determined to do what is absolutely right for the residents of Massachusetts. The governor and I do not disagree on what is needed…vigilance against the continued spread of the virus and supporting the needs of the Massachusetts business community as everyone reopens to the new normal,” she said.

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