Shrimp scampi, a tasty meal, ready in 10 minutes

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Shrimp Scampi. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

My twist on a seafood classic


I will never be a chef. But I enjoy cooking. I specially, like tailoring for myself exactly what I am going to eat.

I want what I eat to taste the way I want. Get it?

I also do not like spending much time cooking. I don’t believe you have to.

My recommendation this week during the Coronavirus is a very simple, sweet, tasty, almost healthy for you, shrimp scampi.

Here’s what you need and here’s how its done.

Start to finish – about 10- 12 minutes dependent on how quick you are around the stove.

I use Argentinian larger frozen shrimp bought at Market Basket. A bag filled with them about $9.00, about 20 shrimp.

Boil some water. Drop half dozen shrimps into the pan. Boil until the shrimps develop red vein marks – like boiling a lobster and waiting for its shell to go from almost black to light red.

The shrimps are done in about six minutes. Take them out. Put them on your cutting board.

Now take a small pan, put a bit of cooking oil into it. Chop up some garlic. Toss that in. Turn on a low light. Take about a dozen pea pods and toss them in. Chop three or four cherry tomatoes, scoop them up and toss them in. Crack some pepper over this and sprinkle just the tiniest bit of salt. Add in the shrimps. Turn up the heat and stir.

In the same pot you cooked the shrimp, toss in the linguini and let it boil about six minutes. Taste to make sure you have the linguini the way you like.

Prepare a plate and a fork and knife and napkin.

When the linguini is ready, drain the water from the pan. Toss the linguini into the frying pan with the shrimps, pea pods, crushed tomatoes, oil and chopped garlic and spices and mix that up. Gently scrape this delicious mix of taste, color and texture from the frying pan onto a plate pretending for the moment that you are a master chef.

It is done.

Your are now ready to eat.


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