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Captain Rick Basteri

The death last week of Everett Police Captain (retired) Rick Basteri is a terrible loss for his family and for the many people of this city who regarded him as a friend and protector.

He had recently retired, so his death at such an early time in his retirement makes the loss that much harder to bear.

The city has changed dramatically since he was sworn in in 1983. The city is a far different place today than it was back then.

Captain Basteri was not one of those who failed to change with the times since the day he began almost four decades ago.

He changed with the times. He understood his role. He was always fair and kind to those who he met during the discharge of his duties.

It is an amazing sacrifice to give your life to the Everett Police Department, and to the service of the city of Everett.

Yet this is exactly what Captain Basteri did.

We offer our condolences to his wife Michelle and two of his sons, Joe and Nick, who have all followed with service to the city.

We also express our condolences to his son Rick, and daughter Carley.

Let’s all say a prayer to the memory of Captain Rick Basteri. He deserves it.

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