Understanding where the city is at

Some in leadership here and many with concerned voices among the people wonder about this epidemic and its power over us.

Have we overreacted to the crisis?

Have we not done enough?

Is it not enough that 30 million are now unemployed across the nation, including thousands of Everett residents, many of whom cannot afford to feed their families and many more who will have lost their jobs, their pride and their ability to support their families when all is said and done?

The jury is out on the government’s reaction to the Coronavirus epidemic/pandemic.

The nation needs to reopen Everett needs to get back in business. All of us understand this. It is as clear to us as night is to day.

However, most of us also understand clearly that the virus is still running amuck and that as long as that situation exists, we are all in peril, all of us, you me, our kids, our parents and out grandparents.

The virus has the power to kill everyone from all age groups. Until we kill the virus, it will continue killing us.

Reopening doesn’t kill the virus. It gives the virus a new impetus to spread among us, again.

Shortly, unless science is wrong and the dreamers are right, the virus will renew itself. We will go back to square one in the fight.

The idea portrayed by our national leadership that the virus will go away like a bad dream is nonsense.

The virus is an ongoing bad dream that is not going to go away by reopening our society in order to get back in business. More and more people are going to get sick and die all over the world as societies begin opening and millions of people begin mixing again as though the danger has passed.

Our only true hope is a vaccine – and fast. A vaccine that works. A vaccine that has no side effects like birth defects or cancer or heart failure although it will be shown to kill the disease.

Without a vaccine, we are dooming many to sickness and to death from this virus as it remains uncontained and spreading across the nation and the world.

That’s the science of the issue.

The economics of the issue requires the national government to continue propping up the endangered business world which remains closed down.

More and more stimulus money will be needed to prop up the economy and to keep this society afloat.

Any talk that diminishes this fact, like we can’t afford to spend taxpayer money…well, if this goes on long enough, there won’t be any taxpayers contributing anything to the national treasury.

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