Memorial Day ceremony special

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American flags fly in the breeze at Woodlawn Cemetery commemorating Memorial Day. (Photos by Jim Mahoney)

“Under the circumstances, it was awesome.” – Councilor Wayne Matewsky


Memorial Day in the age of Coronavirus was bit different this year.

Large crowds planting flags and listening to orations did not occur over the weekend.

What happened here Monday, however, showed the resiliency of the local community in its yearly affirmation of honoring those who gave their lives in the service of this nation.

“The respect that was shown under such dire conditions was amazing,” said Councilor Wayne Matewsky, who attended the event at Woodlawn Cemetery.

“So much respect was shown. I cannot recall a more fitting Memorial Day tribute than what was put on by the city at Woodlawn Cemetery. It was unreal,” he added.

A procession of 75 automobiles led by Everett Police began at Everett High School and wound its way to the cemetery.

Inside the cemetery, so colorful and manicured, and so regal with American flags, officials crowded around the Victorian style gazebo.

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American flags placed at Woodlawn Cemetery commemorating Memorial Day.

People stood next to their automobiles watching the ceremony.

The national anthem was played.

Several short speeches were delivered.

Everyone on hand wore a mask and practiced social distancing.

Who to thank?

According to Matewsky, Veterans Agent Jeannie Cristiano deserves the gratitude of the city.

“She ran a great and respectful Memorial Day event,” said Matewsky.

The Fire Department’s honor guard was also present, adding a great deal of pomp and circumstance to the occasion. “Everyone was moved when a high school trumpeter and member of the band played taps. At that moment, I knew the city would survive this virus and come out OK,” Matewsky said.

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