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Hoop Dreams

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I guess the mayor was trying to create a bit of wonder and question among his neighbors about the NBA basketball net and stanchion that showed up at his home on Abbott Avenue about three weeks ago.

The piece, one of three donated to the city of Everett by an official at Catholic Memorial High School, found its new home in the unlikeliest of places – in the mayor’s front driveway.

The piece is valued online at about $10,000.

On the same day the mayor received the basketball net and stanchion, a dear friend of his received the other two given as presents to the city of Everett.

That represented a gift of about $20,000.

They are now standing in front of the mayor’s friend’s home on the North Shore. I told the person who received them that I would not reveal who he is because he is not a municipal employee like Jerry Navarro, the mayor’s chief supporter and cheerleader at city hall (who we call the “Paperboy” because he steals the Leader Herald for the boss).

As a municipal employee, Navarro is bound by the state’s conflict of interest statute, Chapter 268A because he is the one who received the basketball nets and stanchions from the official at Catholic Memorial High School on the strict and uncompromising conditions from him that they were being donated to the city of Everett – not to the mayor and a friend of his who lives on the North Shore.

To take these pieces and then to give them, one to the mayor and two to his friend, constitutes a violation of Chapter 268A.

In other words, the mayor cannot accept such a gift from his head cheerleader and the head cheerleader cannot dole out the gifts to the city as presents to the mayor and his friend. It is stunningly clear but simple violation of the ethics laws he is bound by as a city employee.

The mayor can’t accept the donated basketball net and stanchion and take possession of it by putting it in his front driveway because it is worth too much money.

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New Crimson Tide head coach to lean on experience for 2020

Everett High QB, Duke Doherty, escapes the pass rush in 2019 and will be counted on this season by new head coach Gregory Bluestein to lead the Tide for 2020. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)


Theluxon Pierre, Everett High School alumni and head football coach for the last two seasons, was relieved of his position with the team and his assistant Gregory Bluestein has been appointed interim head coach for the remainder of the 2020-2021 football season.

The shakeup was not due to Pierre’s coaching performance but a result of his lack of teaching credentials required at

Everett Public Schools. Bluestein, who has a Master of Education degree in Athletic Administration, has been teaching at the school for the last eight years.

With EHS now set to have its third head coach in four seasons, the question becomes could this be the year the Crimson Tide’s current slows down?

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Theresa Allen

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Loved family and travel

Theresa Allen, 66, of Atkinson, NH passed away on Saturday evening, June 6, 2020 at her home surrounded by her loving family.

She was born on February 3, 1954 in Everett, MA to Eleanor L. (Di- Grazzia) and Pellegrino A. Pelosi. Theresa attended local schools and graduated from Everett High School.

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Letter to the Editor

Fireworks have become an unacceptable BANG in our community!

In the past several weeks I have received an abundance of phone calls, texts, emails and individuals stopping me on thestreet to stress to me the negative impact of fireworks that are illegally being set off causing anxiety to their quality of life. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic that we are trying to overcome and the unforeseen anxiety that we have adapted to was a challenge enough, we did get through this together now to be startled by loud bangs and the intentional and constant lighting off fireworks is ignorant and unacceptable! Our elderly residents, children, pets and those suffering with medical conditions should not be startled in the middle of the night by this “noise” never mind the chance of a fire in our tight-knit community.

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