30 clerical employees face layoffs

Everett City Hall Broadway entrance. (Photos by JIM MAHONEY)


The beginning of what is expected to be a ravaging of city employees in a wide array of coming layoffs because of a major cash deficiency for the upcoming budget has begun.

City hall announced that at least 30 clerical employees from a variety of departments are scheduled for layoff almost immediately.

The city, through its city solicitor, has informed Teamsters 25, the bargaining agent for those employees losing their jobs of the anticipated layoffs.

The union replied to the city solicitor seeking added information in order to properly represent their membership.

The city suggested a series of dates to discuss the layoffs to take place before July 1.

Those losing their jobs in this first round of layoffs are: clerical employees in purchasing, two in the assessor’s office, two in the treasurer’s office, one in the city clerk’s office, two in elections office, three in Everett Police Department, a Fire clerk, three ISD members, one DPW member, one engineering clerical, one highway clerical, two health department clericals, one in veterans services, one in human services, one in H&W and one highway clerical.


In addition, four motor equipment repair employees are being let go, one highway foreman, three water craftsmen, one facilities employee and an employee of the Wellness Center.

In the city’s response to Teamsters 25, Solicitor Colleen Mejia referred to the layoff situation as a result of the serious shortfall in revenue in the coming fiscal year.

She called the situation an “economic exigency.”

What the city is planning for its budget come July 1 is unknown publicly at this time.

The city will be attempting a 1/12th budget, that is, a budget from month-to-month for the first several months or until the state and the federal government give insight into what amounts of money will be distributed to the cities and towns throughout the state.

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