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Coronavirus slowing as reopening continues

About 20 states experiencing surge in Covid-19


Massachusetts and the City of Everett are now into Phase 2 of the reopening plan designed by Governor Charlie Baker and carried out by Lt. Governor Karyn Polito.

The great efforts in Massachusetts to put a cap on the virus through the extensive day to day use of social distancing and added hygienic aids has produced a stirring effect.

New cases in Everett are up fractionally from last week.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts slowing. (Photo courtesy of the CDC)

According to the city, there are presently slightly more than 1,700 peopled infected right now, with very few new deaths being reported.

Additionally, hospitalizations have dropped dramatically, although exercising precaution remains the duty of the day for all of us.

A drive through Everett Tuesday morning revealed lots of traffic activity and the reopening and visitation of a host of coffee locations as well as restaurants.

The Common Ground location on the Parkway in the Pioneer building has been busy, according to attendants who work there.

Like most smaller restaurant style operations, eating inside has been curtailed. Easting outside at a very small number of separated tables is allowed only.

The Pioneer building has apparently experienced a dramatic drop in the number of units rented – as many as 20% to 30% of the units are vacant.

This is a situation being replicated locally and throughout the nation, where renters are finding it difficult to pay their rent and homeowners as well are experiencing difficulties paying their mortgages.

This is the result of about 40 million Americans being unemployed and the economy just beginning to reopen.

While Massachusetts unemployment figures released last week came to about 17,000 new applicants, the total unemployed in Massachusetts remained at closer to 1 million.

Most Everett residents out in public appeared to be wearing mask throughout the city Tuesday morning.

People dining outside at a social distancing configuration were not wearing masks, although waiters and waitresses and all restaurant help were wearing masks as required.

Mask requirements make it fairly impossible to be without a mask in this state and to venture out in public – except when at the beach or when family members group together. It is apparent to epidemiologists that wearing masks dramatically reduces the likelihood of contracting the virus or spreading it.

City hall essentially remains closed with most functions accomplished online virtually.

Public meetings continue to be held on Zoom.

The new normal is evident all around.

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