The economic reopening

The “new normal” is the main feature of the city’s economic reopening.

As long as the Coronavirus remains lurking among us and infecting thousands of us, and killing thousands, the economy cannot be expected to work as it used to do.

Most major economists agree – a solid economy cannot stand side by side a pandemic running wildly in this nation and around the world.

These new restrictions on crowds and added health and sanitary requirements, augmented with social distancing elements that are evident everywhere, makes doing business a great deal more difficult than ever before.

In no business – place can a crowd now appear.

Large assemblies of every kind are no longer allowed but with excruciating health and sanitary requirements.

Sports, politics, religion, community, summer activities, winter sports, everything about how we go about our public lives has been changed.

The economy has been changed, and quite dramatically. The Coronavirus still packs a deadly punch.

The national economy will be slow to recover.

Let’s just hope we can reach recovery.

That would be satisfying.

Many people who are now unemployed, failing to pay their rent or mortgages, or to keep open their smaller businesses, and larger ones, too, would breath with a sigh of relief if we can recover.

We are going to recover.

How long will that take?

No one knows.

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