Gifted hoop ends up in mayor’s driveway with no explanation

A full sized basketball hoop in front of 75 Abbott Ave. on June 9, 2020 in Everett, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Three professional level basketball nets and stanchions donated by Catholic Memorial High School to the city of Everett have found their way into the mayor’s driveway and to a friend’s driveway, with no explanation, yet, coming from the mayor.

“He is upset and disturbed by this,” a source told the Leader Herald regarding the Catholic Memorial official who made the donation in behalf of the high school to the city.

The three Under Armour professional level nets and stanchions are advertised on the Internet and for about $12,000 new. The donated pieces have barely been used. They are in pristine condition.

Their estimated value is about $30,000.

Under Chapter 268A of the Massachusetts General Laws, the mayor and his aide, Jerry Navarro, who took the pieces from Catholic Memorial for the city, are liable under that statute if it is proven the basketball nets and stanchions now in private use were intended for public use in the city of Everett.

“The Catholic Memorial official who made the donation to the city of Everett will stand by his word,” said the source.

“These were for the city specifically, not for the mayor and his friend,” he added.

The basketball pieces were donated to Catholic Memorial, but the high school had no use for the equipment due to limited space and the fact the high school is equipped with first class similar equipment.

Flags decorate the light poles on Abbott and Freeman Avenues near the mayor’s house. The closer you live to mayor the more flags there are. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

News last week that confirmed the mayor had the Electrical Department place a light on a pole near to his home on Abbott Street to illuminate the basketball net and stanchion for nighttime use, has caused a stir in city employee circles.

In the meantime, the Leader Herald has asked the mayor for comments twice on the matter with no response from his office.

As of early this week, the basketball net and stanchion remained in the mayor’s driveway on Abbott Street and the additional two pieces remained at the front of a home owned by the mayor’s friend in a town north of here off Route 1.

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