Hiking is breathtaking at Quechee Gorge

Quechee Gorge (above) in Vermont is a must stop when touring the Green Mountain State.

Many trails, spectacular views, swimming spots make New Hampshire,Vermont ideal hiking destinations


We New Englanders are spoiled. We have the luxury of taking a 4-hour ride in any direction to almost any of the phenomenal travel destinations our area has to offer, each including a unique, breathtaking view and distinct manner of being.

And although Covid-19 hasn’t quite allowed an ease to traveling experiences just yet, it shouldn’t hold one back from getting out into the wondrous nature of New England.

That’s precisely why there’s currently no better 2020 summer experience than a hike outdoors, in the mountains generally separate from most others (for social distancing, of course) taking in the freshest air Mother Nature has to offer.

So, without any further hold up, here’s a short list (to assist with optimal hiking time) of several of New England’s most awe-inspiring trails and sights listed not by grandeur but nearest distance only.

Mount Monadnock, Jaffrey, New Hampshire

Distance from Everett: 77.9 miles northwest via MA-2 West.

The lengthy ride to this Goliath of a mountain, which stands at 3,166 feet, is tough enough, but only the first leg to what will surely require you to use both of yours very much. Be prepared to walk between 3-4 hours round trip, and that’s when using the shortest (White Dot, 1.9 miles) but also the steepest of multiple trails. But don’t let Monadnock’s rocky exterior scare you away, it offers one of the best views in the world when you grace the summit.

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Eleanor Rachel Williams

Loved family

Eleanor Rachel Williams, of Medford, entered into eternal rest at Massachusetts General Hospital on July 17, 2020 surrounded by the compassionate staff of the
MGH ICU and her immediate family via ZOOM, as well as supported in prayer by many who loved her. She was 88 years old.

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— Eye on Everett —

The mayor learns to deal with Encore


A very well-known gentleman I know from the North End who loves to play cards with the bad boys told me a great Carlo story that went something like this:

“Carlo played for hours one night with my buddies. He ended up owing thousands when he left the card table and headed home. He was pretty grim. Losing at cards is bad. Owing when you leave the table is worse.

“Anyway, before Carlo left the table, one of the bad boys in charge of the game asked him politely: ‘When do I get the money you owe.?’”

“Carlo turned to him and said: ‘Next week. Guaranteed. You know me,’ he added, my buddy told me.

“Yeah, Carlo. That’s what I’m worried about,” my buddy told me the North End guy said to him with a grimace.

“’See you next week Carlo. I’ll be waiting right here. No excuses, Carlo,’” he said, according to my buddy.

Next week came and passed.

No Carlo. No payment.

The fellow in the North End was getting a bit impatient. Mind you, this wasn’t about Encore not paying its in lieu of tax bill to the city even though the payment was guaranteed by the host agreement.

“Where’s my money? “the North End gentleman asked Carlo during a phone call after waiting patiently several weeks, my buddy told me.

Carlo responded adroitly. After all, he is the mayor, a big crap shooter really up on his toes and aware of everything going on in his world.

“Oh. I already paid what I owed you,” Carlo exclaimed, my friend told me.

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