Shrimp and pasta when you’re hungry and need a meal in less than 15 minutes

Shrimp and pea pods with pasta. (Photo by Josh Resnek)


You get home. You’re starved. You have a few things on hand. You get to work immediately.

In this case, you are making a quick and delightful shrimp scampi type lunch or dinner.

Estimated time – about 12 minutes. Here’s how it works out.

Obviously, you had to shop for the few items that go into this delicious mix.

Chesapeake Bay shrimps are the only shrimps to eat.

You can buy a handful at Whole Foods for less than ten bucks. Pea pods are another wonderful addition, bought at whole foods for a couple bucks, a small handful. They go a long way. They remain fresh and crunchy for quite a while in the refrigerator.

A few very sweet cherry red tomatoes are needed.

Basic spices – a touch of salt and pepper, a bit of oregano. Spaghetti-whatever suits you.

Italian olive oil, of course.

You rush into the kitchen; you get to work.

It is noon. You are hungry.

You boil the shrimps and then skin them. Takes about six minutes to do both.

You take a small frying pan and toss the pea pods, chopped tomatoes into the pan under a small flame. A bit of chopped garlic does the trick as well if you have it on hand. (You never use a high flame. That tends to take the crunch out of the peapods).

Then put a bit of oil onto the mix with seasoning. Remove the shrimp from the boiling water.

Skin the shrimp.

Toss them into the frying pan.

Using the same boiling water, you tossed the shrimp into, now put your spaghetti in for about a five minute boil.

When the spaghetti is ready, toss it into the frying pan with everything else.

Find just the right sized plate for such a treat.

Shake the frying pan a bit to mix everything nicely. Maybe then a touch more oil.

Then carefully pour the results onto the plate. Sit down and eat.


A twelve minute delight

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