Thank the Lord we live in Massachusetts

Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito have carefully maneuvered Massachusetts away from the collapse of our state health hospital and health system by giving exceptional gravitas to the fight against the Corona- virus.

As of this week, only four states in the nation, are as well off as Massachusetts is in statistical Coronavirus categories – new cases are dropping, new hospitalizations are dropping, deaths are dropping while testing has increased dramatically.

The meticulous and very carefully and planned reopening of the economy is being accomplished. The cost for this has been excessive. Many smaller businesses have been hurt. About 900,000 Massachusetts residents are out of work.

But the virus has been dramatically shut down.

Many economists believe the virus cannot exist with a healthy economy.

Get rid of the virus, have a healthy economy.

Push the virus off like it does not exist, refuse to wear masks, congregate in large numbers everywhere poses an imminent danger to our society and the economic recovery.

The startling upward infection and hospitalization figures in Arizona, Texas and Florida, which account for almost 30% of the American population, have been described by sober and apolitical epidemiologists as apocalyptic.

Wishing the virus away does not work. Wishing for the economy to come back will not work with the virus plaguing our largest states.

The Baker Administration has held steady to do the right thing.

It is likely Massachusetts will not have to shut down again because so many people are being hospitalized and dying.

We must be vigilant. We must remain strong against this virus.

Thank the Lord we live in Massachusetts.

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