Nothing beats a tasty grilled cheese sandwich

A grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. (Photo by Josh Resneck)

10 minute lunch is out of the frying pan and onto your plate


If you are a creative chef, please do not read this.

If you crave for a quick lunch that won’t kill you, that tastes great, that goes down easy and that leaves you satisfied – well – you’ve probably been here.

I’m talking grilled cheese on Scali bread with sliced cherry tomatoes and Utz potato chips.

This is a Market Basket special but not entirely.

I’d estimate the cost at about $12.00 for enough to replicate this treat at least a half dozen times.

If you live in my house, you can never be sure there will be any potato chips left, or cherry tomatoes or bread, let alone the American cheese.

So, I am forced to hide my ingredients.

The low sodium American cheese is sliced thinly. I prefer Land O Lakes white.

The bread is also sliced.

I buy the bread from the Elm Street Bakery.

Their bread is perfect for this treat; sliced thinly, rich in taste and texture.

For instance, if you buy a bread at Stop n Shop, it is junk. They don’t know how to bake at Stop n Shop. It is more expensive at Whole Foods but still junk.

I take two slices of bread and place them next to one another on the cutting board.

I swab them very lightly, extremely lightly with butter.

I turn over the slices and toss onto one of them three slices of American cheese. That’s it. No need to cor- rode your arteries. Three slices are plenty for this treat.

I make the sandwich. I place it in a small frying pan on a low light.

I heat this up until the cheese is soft and gooey and the bread is nicely browned on both sides.

Then I slip it out of the frying pan and drop it onto a nice white plate.

I take the cherry tomatoes and slice them, leaving abilities can now reopen, too.

Notably, phase three also loosens restrictions on visitations at long-term care facilities such as nursing homes.

about 16 pieces of cherry tomato for me to stuff in my mouth with each small bite.

A grilled cheese is always enhanced gloriously with a sweet, juicy slice of cherry tomato.

I toss the cherry tomatoes onto the plate.

Then I grab the Utz potato chips and sprinkle a small dose of them onto the plate just so.


Another ten minute lunch.

All of this is capped with a not so nutritious glass of Market Basket pink lemonade.

Altogether, a great summer treat for lunch that leaves plenty of room in your stomach for dinner.

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