Racism and the city workforce

Nowhere is racism more evident here than it is with the makeup of the city workforce.

There are so few people of color and ethnicity working for the city that a mockery is made out of the mayor’s exhortation that he truly cares about minority people.

He doesn’t.

During his 12 years in office as mayor he has done nothing whatsoever to create a balanced workforce.

He has created and maintained an imbalanced workforce, a mostly white work force of friends and neighbors, of those appointed who will vote for him and contribute to his campaign funds once or twice and sometimes three times a year.

This is not how democracy is supposed to work.

What we see in the Everett workforce is the living proof of segregationist hirings that maintain no balance whatsoever in the makeup of those who are employed by the city.

Blacks need not apply here.

Browns need not apply here.

This needs to change.

A minority majority city must have a workforce that is a reflection of that population make-up.

To do otherwise, is to perpetuate racism.

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