The dead of summer

Melkanie Riberio and Ashley Carmo leap into the DCR pool to cool off on July 2. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

It’s time to slow down and enjoy each day


It is the dead of summer.

It is the moment in the summer upon us when there is more summer in front of us than behind us.

It is that time of the year we tend to exult in because we know how quickly it will pass and how drastically the earth changes around here in a matter of months.

It is a time to enjoy the lengthy days and the light of the early morning.

It is a moment and a time to say who cares about the mayor?

Who cares about city hall or the city council or the school committee?

A Wind surfers glides along the seashore at Revere Beach. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

Who cares about budgets and pandemics, about vacations canceled and moments lost?

Who cares right now what the new superintendent of schools is doing or not doing?

Who cares about watching the news and hearing and viewing what comes to sound and look like the end of the world?

Nothing matters right now, not CNN, not FOX News, not the New York Times or the Boston Globe, not during the dead of summer…except for being here and being part of the human race, being alive, enjoying the heat, that is all that really matters.

We are all like recovering alcoholics during the summer months.

We take one day at a time in the understanding that before we know it, we will be wearing winter jackets in an effort to stay warm in the cold of the New England Winter.

It is the dead of summer – a time to stand in suspended animation watching our kids, or having a cookout, or taking a drive, or swimming in a lake or down at the ocean or having a cocktail or two or three hundred!

It is a time to delight in the warmth and the openness and the friendliness of the summer.

The summer is everyone’s friend, unless you hate the heat.

The summer is a time to fall in love or to fall out of love.

It is a time to lay back and let everything about the absurdity of our lives on this earth ebb away. This is what the summer is about.

You only get so many summers in a lifetime.

So, you need to enjoy fully every one of them – or at least as many as you can.

It is the dead of summer 2020.

Let everything air out inside your head.

Take a deep breath and en- joy being alive and walking on this earth.

Exult in this moment. Own it and love it. Share the good feeling. The summer heat is delicious.

It is the dead of summer. If only the world could

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