The flyover

Fighter jets fly over the Tobin Bridge on July 4, 2020. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

On July 4, during the early afternoon, roaring out of the North and flying low in formation heading South, about two dozen modern jet aircraft of the United State Air Force flew majestically over Boston on their way to Florida.

What a sound and what a site!

Some people call the roar of the jet engines, “the sound of freedom.”

Millions of Americans saw this flyover.

It began with six F-16 fighter jets, perhaps the best in the world, flown by pilots, arguably, the best in the world, moving at subsonic speed to show us all they are there especially when needed.

Then came an entirely black B-1 bomber with its swept back wing and odd look, a precision bomber that can penetrate radar and evade missiles. It cannot be stopped by any armed force on this earth.

Flying in formation with it were a half dozen F-35s, the US Air Force fighter jet that cannot be seen on radar, is capable of precision bombing, and which can see the enemy 45 miles away. By themselves, the F-35s are magnificent.

Flying in formation with the B-1 bomber, this is about the most powerful picture of American military supremacy in the world today.

And again, when they flew over, their jets roared with the sound of freedom.

A B-52 was the last bomber to pass over. Its roar was the loudest and most sustained of them all.

It was just a flyover, but what a thing to witness American power in some of its might.

No nation or combination of nations on this earth can defeat us.

Our military superiority is substantial and unquestioned.

We must never forget the greatest power to be wielded by a great nation is never to misuse the power to destroy.

The power to destroy is used as the pretense for others to stand down from us.

In this crazy world we live in today, the magic is all about maintaining our power while not destroying ourselves.

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