Kanye West for president?

Kanye West, the hip hop star singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer composer and fashion designer married to the billionaire Kim Kardashian is said to be preparing to run for president.

Preposterous, you say?

Not preposterous at all.

Chance the Rapper said this week he trusts Kanye West more than Joe Biden as reported by Fox News, the Hill and SPIN. On his own, he is worth $1.3 billion.
He has praised President Trump as the savior of the free world.

He wears a MAGA ball cap.

On July 4, 2020, West announced his candidacy for president. He has not yet filed anything with the Federal Election Commission but many people who know him, who praise him, who believe in his creative genius, say he is serious.

Recently interviewed by Forbes Magazine, West said his running mate would be Wyoming preacher Michelle Tidball, and that he would run as an independent under the “Birthday Party,” because when we win, its everybody’s birthday, he said.

West says he is no longer supporting Trump because he hid in a bunker during the COID-19 pandemic.

Kanye West would likely capture the youth vote and the black vote.

He could score millions and millions of votes. Could he win?

Anything is possible these days in America. Everything is about celebrity.
Celebrity doesn’t get much bigger than Kanye West.

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