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Sgt. John Mazzie retires

A class act signs off after 33 years

Everett Police chief Steve Mazzie and his brother Sgt. John Mazzie. (Courtesy photo)


On July 8, 2020, Sgt. John Mazzie put in his last day as an Everett Police officer.

Thus ended, a 33 year career on a police force that is a far different place than it was when he started out as a much younger man.

It is impossible for the uninitiated to understand just what it is like to sign away your life to serving the city of Everett in 1987, to putting on the blue uniform, and to remain whole and upbeat, proud and with his integrity intact, up to the day of his retirement in the 20th year of the 21st Century.

The revolution in policing continues during this summer of great discontent across the nation.

Sgt. John Mazzie has seen it all. He’s been through the trials and tribulations of being a police officer. He has come to understand the human predicament almost completely.

Mazzie started out as a Field Training Officer in the 1990’s.

Mind you, John Mazzie wasn’t just tossing up the chips and letting them fall where they may when he joined the police force.

The Mazzies represent an Everett Police Force aristocracy, although Everett residents have known all the Mazzies for decades as hard-working, intelligent, loyal, fair and honest people

Everett Police headquarters on Elm Street.
(Photo By Jim Mahoney)

The Mazzies are just a few years away from celebrating the family’s 100th continuous year of service to the city’s police department.

John Mazzie is the fourth of his family to serve the city until retirement.

His grandfather Adolph Mazzie, Sr. retired in 1965.

His father, Adolph Mazzie, a gem of a guy, retired in 1986.

His brother Paul Mazzie retired in 2019.

His brother Chief Steve Mazzie continues to lead the department.

“I’m very proud of my brother – of all of those in my family who came before and who continue to serve,” said the chief.

“John is a very good guy. I will miss his presence at the station where we have spent our adult professional lives,” he added.

“Nothing lasts forever,” he said.

John Mazzie worked various assignments over the years.

This included stints in Patrol Operations, Special Investigations, Court Prosecutor and most recently, he was assigned to the Enforcement Unit of the State Police at Encore.

He was a previous Board member of the Everett Police Superior Officers Union.

He won’t be suiting up again but at least he has another life before him choosing to do whatever he wants.

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