Common Ground uncommonly good


For the past year and starting again now with the reopening of Common Ground’s main eatery on the Revere Beach Parkway, I have been buying my morning coffee there.

I eat lunch there quite often.

Common Ground’s coffee, to my estimation, is the best in Everett.

There is no comparison.

Their food is also superior. Everything is cooked with a flare and served with a flare.

The menu is uncommonly good and satisfying.

I love their Veggie wrap, their salads, the dressing, the combinations of tastes and textures that makes eating there special every time.

Common Ground is all Brazilian ownership and employees – polite, demure, knowing of their customers on a first namebasis. They aim to please and they please every time.

I order a small cappuccino with chocolate, cinnamon and sugar (yes, sugar) and frankly, its taste and smoothness, is to be enjoyed with every sip.

Their coffee is, frankly, outstanding.

Can’t be compared in the same breath with Dunkin Donuts or Panera Bread or coffee served anywhere else in Everett.

What makes the experience so special now is that the owners have redone the place.

There is nothing quite like it in Everett today.

A real café, serving great coffee and great food with wonderful people caring for your order and aiming to please.

Check it out.

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