Councilors want to know if mayor has taken a donation to himself with basketball nets

A professional style basketball net in front of the mayor’s house. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Councilors Gerly Adrien and Mike Marchese have both questioned the arrival of a professional grade basketball net and stanchion, the type found at TD Garden, in the mayor’s driveway on Abbott Avenue.

It is worth about $10,000.

Two other nets and stan- chions received by the city remain missing.

For several weeks, the Leader Herald has questioned how the basketball net came to be in front of the mayor’s mansion when it was donated as a gift by Catholic Memorial High School to the city.

“I’m upset about it,” Marchese told the Leader Herald. “He ought to come clean about how it ended up in his driveway. Did he buy it and if he did, did he report the purchase to the Ethics Commission? I doubt that very much. Even if he did, he isn’t allowed to receive such a piece of athletic equipment intended as a gift to the city. It is against the law,” Marchese said.

Councilor Adrien expressed some of the same concerns, especially wondering aloud about the mayor’s refusal to answer questions about the detour of the basketball net and stanchion from Catholic Memorial intended for the city ending up in his driveway.

“What is his role in this? What has he done?” Adrien asked during an interview with the Leader Herald. Indeed.

Several sources inside the city have claimed they reached out to the Ethics Commission seeking an investigation into the matter.

Ethics Commission investigations are all conducted in private.

Unless those being investigated make such investigations public, there is no way to know what the Ethics Commission is doing, if anything.

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