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Sexual harassment lawsuit against Steve Wynn dismissed


A lawsuit against Wynn Resorts filed by nine anonymous women who claimed they were sexually harassed by former CEO and founder Steve Wynn, has been dismissed by a federal judge.

The women filed against the company claiming it was well aware of the actions of its CEO and tried to cover up the misconduct.

This suit was filed many months following the publication of a Wall Street Journal investigative report that interviewed dozens of women who claimed they were sexually harassed by Steve Wynn and tormented by a culture of sexual harassment that apparently existed at Wynn Resorts.

That Wall Street Journal report led to Wynn’s resignation from the company he founded as well as leading to the sale of all his stock in the company as well as his resignation as the Republican Party’s chief of fundraising.

According to a detailed report about the federal ruling in Gambling News, an online publication, the women, all of whom worked at Wynn Resorts as manicurists and make-up artists elected to remain anonymous.

They were referred to as Jane Does, claiming they did so for fear of reprisal

from Wynn as well as being ostracized at work and having their lives upended by sensitive details.

The US District Court for Nevada issued a ruling last week stating the women failed to sufficiently defend the use of pseudonyms, and also improperly filed a collective pleading instead of individual ones.

The plaintiffs wishing to protect their identities in order to protect and to preserve their anonymity caused deficiencies in their claims, the judge claimed.

US District Court Judge James Mahon ruled there were only generalized, and vague statements used, lacking individual factual support for the allegations.

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