— Eye on Everett —

“I had a dream” – The Blue Suit


The mayor’s Blue Suit let out his deepest thoughts to me this week when he told me: “I had a dream.”

“Tell me about the dream,” I asked him.

“You know dreams are all about our conscious lives, in part. That’s how Freud puts it in his famous study about our dream sequences,” I added.

“What do you mean?” the Blue Suit asked me.

I’ve read a lot of Freud although I don’t claim to be an expert.

I answered the Blue Suit.

“The things we do, the people we see, the places we go, the hassles we have, the triumphs we enjoy in our awake hours often become the subjects of our dreams. In other words, in our awake hours, our brain is absorbing everything about our lives – the weather, our homes, relationships with friends, discussions with parents. When we go to sleep, our dreams are caused by impulses in our brains related to what we did while awake,” I told the Blue Suit.

“Josh, I don’t need cheap psychotherapy from you.”

“I get it,” I responded.

“Tell me your dream.”

“I think it comes from me hearing the mayor talking with Anthony DiPierro, the mayor’s personal sign man in the rep race. Anthony held the same position for the mayor when McLaughlin ran against the mayor’s best friend last time out and lost,” the Blue Suit recalled.

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Covid-19 continues dominance over full economic recovery

Encore is still impacted by Covid-19 restrictions. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Everett’s Coronavirus numbers improving


Everett has fallen from among the top of the pack of the most seriously affected Coronavirus centers in cities and towns in Massachusetts.

The city of Lynn now comes in as number 1 as the new week began.

Chelsea is side by side with Lynn at number 2.

Infection rates in those two places have risen to a 7.3% level while the state’s infection rate remains steady at or under 1%.

As of Tuesday morning, there are 2,013 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the city with 1750 of that num- ber recovered.

The total cases grew from Monday by 14, according to Health Department sources.

The city’s economy appears to be much more fully awakened and active than during any week since the March shutdown put a kibosh on the local economy.

Restaurants and all kinds of businesses remain in a struggle to maintain themselves as the restrictions continue against large gatherings throughout the city.

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Walter Carrington

Ambassador, statesman

There is no way one can capture the spirit of Walter Carrington by the written word. His resume, while certainly impressive, does not tell the full story. His own words better express this man’s heart and most of the quotes are from his essay, Remembrance of an Atypical Black American Boyhood Published by the Harvard Book Store in Paige Leaves: Essays Inspired by New England.

Walter Charles Carrington was born July 24, 1930 in New York City, New York to Marjorie Irene Hayes Carrington and Walter Randolph Carrington, an immigrant from Barbados. His mother and father divorced and Walter and his sister came to live with his father’s family on Cedar Terrace.

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Antoine Fritz Silencieux

Evangilist known as “Fr. Fritz”

Evangelist Antoine Fritz Silencieux, also known as Fr. Fritz, was born
in Au Caye, Haiti, on October 21,1946.

As a young adult, he moved to Port- au-Prince, Haiti where he began his walk with Christ. He traveled all over Haiti doing missionary work, evangelizing, and spreading the gospel to many.

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