McLaughlin driving hard for Rep seat


Councilor Mike McLaughlin, a candidate for the rep seat in the primary only 30 days away, published a detailed road map of how and what he hopes to achieve as the city’s rep.

“I pledge transparency and self-accountability,” he wrote. “You have a right to know about all of my votes. I am proud to work for you, the people of Everett. You can depend, trust and count on me to be your voice.

McLaughlin faces the incumbent rep in a September primary now only 30 days away.

McLaughlin has pledged to hold his seat on the city council if he is elected rep.

This means he would hold both positions until the next city election when he would step aside.

He pledged not to accept his city council pay if elected to the House.

He also reached out to voters writing that he wants to hear from voters personally, all the time.

This has been a hallmark of his time in office as a city councilor.

“I want to hear your concerns, your ideas and your thoughts,” he wrote.

“I would rather practice social distancing with you in our neighborhood then sitting in a back office at the state house. McLaughlin signed his Facebook entry: “Your voice” on Beacon Hill.

The primary will be held on September 1.

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