Off campus learning called eEducation

Mandated services to cover all students


The remote reopening of Everett’s Public Schools is to be known by the term eEducation – an umbrella term being used by school administrators to describe what has been commonly called “Distance” or “Remote” learning.

At least that is how it is described on the EPS School Department web site.

eEducation is the temporary replacement during this pandemic of remote learning for in class instruction.

It is a virtual and physical revolution in learning for the EPS.

According to School Superintendent Priya Tahiliani, EPS educators and staff will deliver a full education to students when the new year starts in just a few weeks.

“All of the district’s curriculum standards and objectives, as well as all state and federal guidelines, are fully accounted for during the eEducation method of delivery,” according to Tahiliani.

Although the plan is a work in progress, when it is finalized in all its parts, it will provide all mandated services for the city’s Chapter 70 financed programs, assuring every student that their educational needs are met.

More computers will be needed to supply all students being taught through remote learning.

The School Department will be setting up six “learning centers”, space supervised by adults throughout the city dedicated to students who want a space where they can study in a classroom type of environment with social distancing and hygiene rules and regulations closely followed. eEducation learning will be the draw for the centers.

The opening program is all about safety, learning and choices.

“Flexibility and choice for families while providing year-long consistency for students” is the plan.

In person instruction – Phase 2 – is scheduled for November 16 under the plan. This is a hybrid model.

However, that transition from remote to in person requires that the virus remains under control in the city and the state.

The EPS website details the three phases of the program.

Full time, full day learning with in-person teaching and learning is set to begin on Feb. 1 and will coincide with the opening of the third quarter of the school year.

Everyone will be required to wear face masks – teachers and students and all EPS employees, bus drivers and cafeteria workers.

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