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Everett residents should be relieved

Broadway at night. (File photo by Jim Mahoney)

Protection from eviction/foreclosure, added unemployment benefits, college loan pass in executive order


President Donald Trump’s use of executive orders will provide an extra $400 a week federal unemployment benefit added to regular unemployment already being received by those many thousands out of work here.

He also signed an order stopping evictions and foreclosures as well as suspending all college loan payments until the beginning of the New Year.

The executive orders were signed by the president following the impasse reached between the Congress and the Senate, the Democrats and the Republicans, who could not come to an agreement on the size and scope of a federal stimulus package needed to keep the economy afloat while the virus still rages throughout the nation.

The liberal press complained that the president’s orders will not work, or decried them as too

little or said the actions were ille- gal and would be subject to legal repercussions– but common people receiving unemployment who understand the way of the world, were relieved by the millions that the president acted when the Congress went on vacation.

For those on unemployment it means at the very least the suspended $600 a week federal unemployment premium is coming back at a $400 a week rate; that foreclosures and evictions will be stopped until the economy rights itself; and that college loans do not have to be paid during this period of economic turmoil.

In this instance, the president’s actions not only trumped the Democrats, but trumped his fellow Republicans many of whom didn’t want to act for those on unemployment or facing eviction as well.

It is highly unlikely the Democrats will challenge the president’s executive orders in court.

That would be political suicide.

In the short term, it may bring everyone back to the table to finalize a workable stimulus package that everyone can agree on.

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